Sumner Farm

Leading Sumner farm in WA near 98391

There is no denying that when you visit a local farm in the Sumner, WA or nearby area, it allows you an experience that brings you closer to nature. Farms offer a great solution when you need a break from the fast-paced city life.

If you are looking for an organic Sumner Farm that is well equipped with the right infrastructure and amenities, then you have come to the right place.

We, at McMillin Farm offer the best Sumner Farm experience to locals and visitors as well. No matter the occasion or the purpose of visit, our farms are here to make your stay a welcoming one. There are plenty of activities and experiences you can enjoy at our Sumner Farm like the following:

  • Produce stand
  • Corn maze
  • Craft brewery
  • Farmers market

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Sumner Farms

Established Sumner farms in WA near 98391

Are you wondering what makes us one of the best Sumner Farms? We are dedicated to offer fun events and local produce to our community. Additionally, we are the perfect spot when you want to enjoy a nice time with your friends, family or colleagues as well. Our Sumner Farms offer you a scenic view while meeting all your needs for a comfortable visit.

A memorable journey to Sumner Farms will help you maintain your deep sense of values towards organic life and ecosystem. Our farms have a quality infrastructure, and you can enjoy various activities to keep your family entertained as well. Reach out to us today to schedule an event at our Sumner Farms like the following:

  • Wedding
  • Corporate parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Photo shoots

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Sumner Local Farm

Outstanding Sumner local farm in WA near 98391

When you are looking for somewhere fun to go, our Sumner Local Farm is the spot you need to be at. Whether you want to have a nice fun picnic with your kids or want to watch a game while enjoying craft beer, we have got it all. We take pride in offering unique beers made from organic produce at our Sumner Local Farm.

Additionally, you can take part in picking corn, outdoor sitting and our greenhouse plants at our Sumner Local Farm. We are dedicated to creating a friendly and welcoming environment that can be a part of anytime throughout the week. Visit our Sumner Local Farm for a perfect getaway and seasonal events like the following:

  • Festivals
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Class reunions
  • Hot sauce festival

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