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Puyallup Brewery

Local Puyallup brewery in WA near 98374

We, at McMillin Farm welcome you to our brewery in the Puyallup, WA area. Finding a Puyallup Brewery that fits your taste palate and offers consistency can be challenging. This is exactly what sets us apart as we believe top-grade quality, organic ingredients and consistency are the hallmarks of our Puyallup Brewery.

If you are looking forward to carefully formulated drinks, hand-crafted by keeping in mind a wide variety of palates and preferences, you can add a visit to our independent Puyallup Brewery into your bucket list. We are dedicated to creating a true farm microbrewery experience. We offer a wide variety of drinks at our Puyallup Brewery like the following:

  • Corn ale
  • Wheat ale
  • Mango cider
  • Cranberry cider

Call McMillin Farm to schedule a visit to our Puyallup Brewery and farms.

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Puyallup Microbrewery

Established Puyallup microbrewery in WA near 98374

When you have a nice football game upcoming, a visit to our Puyallup Microbrewery with your friends and family can add to the fun. Our farm-to-glass philosophy consists of relying on locally sourced ingredients on our farms.

This ensures that when you come to our Puyallup Microbrewery to watch a sports game or a day out with family, you get the best tasting beers.

Our Puyallup Microbrewery is located on our farm that is also open to host you for weddings, picnics or even corporate retreats. Whether you are a beer enthusiast or a foodie, our farms are where you want to be. Come to our Puyallup Microbrewery when you are looking for the following:

  • Local beer
  • Craft lager
  • Draft beer
  • Special beers

Call McMillin Farm for the best Puyallup Microbrewery experience.

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Puyallup Craft Brewery

Outstanding Puyallup craft brewery in WA near 98374

As a Puyallup Craft Brewery, we are dedicated to bring new and authentic flavors for our visitors. You can enjoy our carefully crafted beers at our microbrewery or pick up a few bottles to take home. Our master brewer at our independent Puyallup Craft Brewery has years of experience and knows how to blend the perfect beer for you.

It is said that the quality of brew is largely impacted by the ingredients used by the Puyallup Craft Brewery. As all of our ingredients at our microbrewery are local and organic, this enables us to deliver unique cold beers for every palate. Visit our Puyallup Craft Brewery when you want the following:

  • Micro brewery
  • Taps brewery
  • Farm brewery
  • Brewhouse

Our on-site microbrewery is part of our unique farm experience that will leave you with many happy memories.

Call McMillin Farm and experience our Puyallup Craft Brewery today.

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